Scaffolding services from Findley Roofing and Building

Scaffolding Hire from Findley Roofing and Building

Scaffolding Hire throughout the North East, Sunderland, Newcastle and Durham

Scaffolding services from Findley Roofing and Building

Since the introduction of the Health and Safety Working at Height Regulations 2005, the rules and guidelines governing when contractors should consider the use of scaffolding have changed across the North East including Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham.

It is now our policy that in any job which is likely to exceed 30 minutes above ground level, we MUST consider the use of scaffolding or tower scaffolding regardless of the project location.

Traditional CAT ladder systems should only be considered if the job time is minimal and the works can be conducted safely and speedily.

Findley Roofing has the benefit of a great Scaffolding Company in the North East on board in SJB SCAFFOLDING for scaffolding jobs which are greater than our own in house equipment. Their dedication to health and safety has earned them respect from our directors, and for that reason get first refusal on all of our fixed point scaffolding works for all of our projects in and around the North East regions of Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham.

We can honestly say that as roofers, we have found SJB Scaffolding to be the only reliable scaffolding firm whom without request, provide us with detailed HSE handover certificates, scafftags, and risk assessments with all of their work. This very company value mimics our own and therefore must be our number one choice for all fixed point scaffolding hire within the region of Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham or anywhere within the North East.

As we also stock our own tower scaffolding for private hire we are quickly becoming renowned as one of the North East's premier Scaffolding Companies.

Tower Scaffolding (Aluminium)

Findley Roofing now have our very own BOSS scaffolding towers available for hire across Sunderland, Durham, Newcastle and the North East in general with exceptional day rates for these very sturdy pieces of kit.

At great expense to the company, these towers enable us to provide quick and easy scaffold to most domestic properties, providing better safety and peace of mind to home owners ultimately reducing your costs if our time is reduced.

These towers also provide a more cost effective alternative to fixed point scaffolding that most North East building companies have to hire therefore increasing your cost. As we own our own quick install tower scaffolds then our price remains cheaper as we are not hiring in equipment for your job.

If my roofing work requires scaffolding will I need to supply this myself? If not will this be an extra cost?

We will supply and erect all scaffolding. Whether that be a fully fixed tube and fitting system. Or mobile access towers. Both scaffolds are chargeable and we merely pass the costs onto you fairly in the form of the estimate. Our scaffolders are the safest and cheapest we know, and for that reason we prefer to use our own scaffolders who we trust with our lives. Poorly erected, not insured scaffolding isn't worth the lives of my men. And cutting corners will never be an option so please don't ask.

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