Ruberoid / Marley Felt Work from Findley Roofing and Building

Available to customers in Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland & the North East


Here at Findley we are ever changing our services and products to keep up to date with the best ways to deliver outstanding results for flat roofs in the North East, Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland. Using Marley Felt Work and Ruberoid is a very popular type of flat roof replacement. These materials provide the most economical approach to flat roofing, yet give highly attractive and lasting results. The process for using marley felt work and ruberoid products is a follows:

1. Fitment of new 18mm OSB Smart ply boards giving the felt a good smooth surface in which to bond to.

2. Fit new 2mm base coat felt work, providing good backing to green mineral cap sheet. Heat is used to melt tar onto ply boarding.

3. Fit all new folded green mineral drips around perimeter edgings. This allows water to safely drip and run off the flat roof into any guttering.

4. Fit new 4mm top sheet of green mineral torch-on felt work. Fully heated and bonded to first coat. Creates strong and durable finish.

5. Fit all associated flashings, or recesses into brickwork ensuring no-leaks.

6. Dress flat roof, remove all rubbish, or in some two coat 2mm applications the roof may be painted with fully solar reflective aluminium paint.

Tecnatorch SBS

Used on Roof Projects in Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland and the North East

Our range of products is designed to suit your needs however we are now proud users of the UK's finest roof felt. Anyone who deals in roofing from local government to national contractors swear by Tecnatorch SBS so we decided to give it a trial in the North East on our recent roofing projects around Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland. We were amazed at the results this Tecnatorch SBS material produced on our test projects at the so we use it on almost every roofing contract we do.

This is the true Rolls Royce of the roofing material world simply because Tecnatorch SBS is a versatile roofing system for use with the following deck types: Plywood, OSB3, Timber Boarding, Profiled Metal Decking and Concrete/screeded surfaces. Give us a call today to speak to one of our highly trained Tecnatorch SBS installers in the North East today.

Ruberoid Case Study

Mr & Mrs Dryden

Flat Roof Over Bay Window

Here this old and worn out single density feltwork was in need of replacement.

Findley Roofing stripped the flat roof and begin relaying new 4mm Marley Torch-on felt work and drips. The roof was finished with a new code 4 lead trim flashing ensuring it was fully water tight and would remain so for many years to come.

Lead work is often used in this way instead of recessing felt into brickwork as this can perish quite easily. Again we believe that in going the extra mile for our customers in this way, we will maintain our great reputation for flat roofing.

Marley Felt Work Case Study

Mr Doyle

Garage Roof

Here Mr Doyle was on a budget, and asked Findley Roofing to provide a sound felt work installation for his garage roof. Marley Torch-on was used to create this very neat and tidy installation

Marley SupaStick Case Study

Mr Dryden

Garage Roof

Here Mr Dryden requested his garage roof to be full stripped, and re-felted using Marley Torch-on Felt work. Marley Supastick was used in order to finish the flat roof under hard to reach and awkward fascia boarding.

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